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Speak simple Indonesian for work, social & travel in 3 months

Bahasa Indonesia Basic Conversational Course Curated for Beginners

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Welcome to Beginner Conversational Bahasa Indonesia Course

BingoIndo™ is a specially curated Bahasa Indonesia programme for English learners. We have developed our in-house curriculum to compliment all learners in their quest in mastering the language. Our Bahasa Indonesia Beginner Conversational Course is the first step for anyone determined to succeed in this learning journey. This step emphasizes on the importance of building a strong, solid and structured foundation. As you progress you will then be able to enjoy and immerse in the beauty of the Indonesian language.

BingoIndo™ is here to help you achieve proficiency in Bahasa Indonesia from the bottom. We are confident that you will enjoy this course and benefit from it thoroughly.

Remember that in everything that we learn, building a strong and solid foundation is the key to long lasting success. We are right here with you while you learn. If you have any questions simply send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as it is possible.

Bahasa Indonesia Basic Conversational Course


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