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Learn Indonesian Online - Beginner Conversational

What it is

Learn Indonesian Online with BingoIndo™ curated Bahasa Indonesia programme for English learners. We have developed our in-house curriculum to compliment all learners in their quest in mastering the language.

The Beginner Conversational Indonesian Course teaches essential basic conversational Bahasa Indonesia to adults in simple English.

It contains 76 training videos, 73 lesson slides, 56 conversations, 165 activities, and close to 1,500 words to help you master basic conversational Indonesian.

Learn Indonesian Online
Course Includes:
Learn Indonesian Online - Beginner Conversational ​

Learn Indonesian Online - Beginner Conversational

What to expect

You should be able to listen and understand simple, basic Indonesian statements and questions based on the mentioned topics.

You should be able to speak (ask and answer) in basic Indonesian sentences in the related topics.

You should be able to read and understand simple messages, signages, brochures, forms, banners, etc.

You should be able to write short, simple messages in the covered topics.

Learn Indonesian Online - Beginner Conversational

Who it is for

This course teaches Bahasa Indonesia from the very bottom and basic so it’s suitable for anyone with little to no background in the language.

As the course is conducted in English, anyone who has some basic knowledge of the English language can take this course!

Learn Indonesian Online - Beginner Conversational

How to Sign Up

Simply choose any of the plan below and get started!

Learn Indonesian Online with our paid subscription, you will have access to all our Videos, Lesson Reviews, Conversations and Activities for the Beginner Conversational Bahasa Indonesia Course. Alternatively, you can also Learn Indonesian for Free and start learning at once!

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Want to try it out first? No problem, simply sign up for our Learn Indonesian Free Plan!

Learn Indonesian Online - Beginner Conversational

What it covers

Our Learn Indonesian online course covers a wide range of topics: Pronunciation, People, Actions & Activities, Numbers, Prices, Time, Family, Hobbies, Jobs & Work, Food, Restaurant, Travelling, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

We pride ourselves as a Bahasa Indonesia Online Course provider and not an online language-learning website or application that offer a myriad of language courses. This means that we focus on what we are good at. We commit in bringing quality into our program. We focus on the pedagogy in adult learning with measurable learning outcomes that is easy and effective for adult learners.

We are here to jumpstart your adventure in discovering the beauty of Bahasa Indonesia and we hope your learning will continue self-directed based on your own needs after the course. 

The reasons why our learners learn indonesian online, spans from business, personal or leisure purposes. However, if you are one of those learners who loves learning languages, whether to have fun or to train your brain, Indonesian language should be one of your target languages. Read more about why Bahasa Indonesia is a good language to learn

Yes! That makes you the perfect candidate for our course. If you are a native English speaker or are familiar with English as the language of instruction, this would be the perfect place to start learning Indonesian Online. Our Online Bahasa Indonesia Beginner Conversational course covers the basics of the language. For a start you will learn Pronunciation in Bahasa Indonesia and simple Greetings & Self-Introduction. You can start the course right now! Simply, subscribe here and you are good to go.

For a beginner, this course will be an introduction for you into the world of Bahasa Indonesia. A large part of being able to converse in Bahasa Indonesia by the end of the course, would fall on the shoulders of the learner.

The level of commitment, dedication, and sensitivity to language are different for each learner. Thus it may be inevitable that some learners may require more time and revisions on the vocabularies, grammars and language nuances introduced during the course.

However, we do believe that with regular exposures to the language by watching and re-watching the videos, lesson reviews, conversations and practicing the activities time and again, you will certainly be closer to achieving proficiency in the language.

In our Learn Indonesian Online Beginner Conversational course subscription, you will receive access to all the chapters, modules and topics. These includes video lessons, lesson reviews, role play conversations and activities. 

As long as you have an active subscription, you will have access to our community of students that are actively learning Bahasa Indonesia. With a community of students and teachers to support your learning, we are confident that your learning will be further enhanced and accelerated.

If you are subscribe to our Beginner Conversation course, any new contents for this course will automatically be made available to you. 

BingoIndo is committed to ensure that you are able to learn as effectively and efficiently. We will help you as much as we can to achieve proficiency in Bahasa Indonesia. 

Yes, of course, you can cancel your subscription anytime. You’re not locked in.

You can cancel your subscription by logging into the members account area.

If you encounter any problems, please let us know and we’ll be happy to cancel it for you. No questions asked.

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